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Family and Consumer Sciences education empowers individuals and families across the lifespan to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society. The unique focus is on families, work, and their interrelationships.


Family and Consumer Sciences education has roots in both academic and career/technical education and reaches beyond the educational system into the community as it focuses on the needs of individuals and families.


The Family and Consumer Sciences Department provides opportunities for students to develop skills and to make decisions based on their values, goals, and standards.  It is important for students to relate to others through group experiences and to develop self-understanding.  This pathway also enables the students to express creativity in everyday living and helps them to prepare for change in a world that is ever-changing.  The elective courses offered present excellent opportunities for the preparation of everyday living and an introduction to many employment opportunities with and without further education. 


Course Offerings


Foods and Nutrition 1
Grade 9-12
Prerequisite:  None


This one-semester course is designed as an introduction to foods and nutrition information with an emphasis on cooperative educational experiences in the foods laboratory.  Students of all aptitudes will find the topics included in this course necessary for working safely in the kitchen, meal planning, preparing foods, and making informed decisions regarding food choices.  Emphasis is placed on working skillfully and efficiently in the kitchen, preparing taste-tempting, nutritious foods, and serving them creatively.  “Hands-on” activities are varied to make the course extremely practical as well as academic. 


Foods and Nutrition 2
Grade 9-12
Prerequisite:  Foods and Nutrition 1


Foods and Nutrition 2 will allow students to evaluate food choices, practice a variety of food preparation techniques, demonstrate table service and etiquette, and explore nutrition related careers. Critical thinking and practical problem-solving are emphasized in a curricular approach that incorporates principles of mathematics, science, writing, communications, and economics.


Sports Nutrition 1
Grade 9-12
Prerequisite:  None


Sports Nutrition presents the scientific basis for sports nutrition emphasizing the energy needs of activity and effect of dietary intake on performance. Special dietary requirements of specific sports and athletic activities will be taught. Topics will also include dietary ergogenic aids, nutritional supplements, weight control, dietary fads and myths, interaction of alcohol, caffeine and tobacco on an athlete’s nutrition status. The class will also stress information for competitive athletes and people of all ages wishing to incorporate nutrition into a physically active lifestyle.