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Mission and Vision Statement

"Jasper County School District: "Student-Centered...Future-Focused!"


Mission Statement

The Jasper County School District will provide the education, environment, and encouragement that will develop and prepare all students to be college and career ready.


Vision Statement

Jasper County School District aspires for all students to excel to the highest academic and social standards possible in order to be successful global citizens.



…Proposed as the District’s fundamental convictions, values, and character.


* We believe that teamwork is the key to success.


* We believe that our children have first priority on all of our resources


* We believe that the family is the most important unit in a child’s development.


* We believe that education is a lifelong process.


* We believe that communication is the foundation to continuous growth in every community.


* We believe that each individual has the potential for excellence.


* We believe that all people have equal intrinsic worth.


* We believe that every individual has a responsibility to contribute to society.